Christmas in York 2020

It just so happened that Santa rides his horse right down the street in front of our house.  The twins were here to see him.

My son, Cade, and his daughter, Brodie came to visit us for Christmas.  Brodie was hoping we had snow.  Well she was lucky and got to build a snowman with the help of Daddy and her new friend, Maria.


Brodie and Maria exchanged presents.






After the gift exchange the girls made ugly sweater cookies.

We went to Hershey Park on Christmas Eve but got rained out.  We then went to Heather and Dan’s to exchange gifts and dinner.

Cade and Brodie have to finish wrapping gifts.

Then the fun begins at Heather’s.  First we had our Christmas Eve tamales and chili.  Thank you so much, Heather!

Then the real fun begins watching all the girls opening presents.

The girls were great at opening gifts.  They even opened everyone else’s gifts.

Tried to get a few family photos for Heather and Dan.

We decided that we would stay home on Christmas Day so Brodie could enjoy her day.






Brodie made us Christmas breakfast using a recipe from her new cookbook she got from Grandma and Grandpa.

Before Cade and Brodie left we had Maria and Christina over for a Christmas movie and dinner that was cooked by the girls out of their new cookbooks.






Brodie and Maria really hit it off.

I had a wonderful Christmas with my daughter, Heather, and son, Cade, along with their wonderful families.  Thank you for making it a wonderful holiday.

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