Middle Child & Her Family Come to Visit

The middle child, Sarah, and her family decided to drive across country to visit from Gig Harbor, Washington.  I call her the middle child because all her life we heard about her being the middle child of 5 children.  We do give her a hard time about it. but she tried using it on her Dad and me.  Got to love the middle child!

They were going to come in the spring but Steve, son in law, wasn’t working right now.  He was waiting for his job to start up, so they came in February.  They were all here for my birthday which was great.

Little Bear, their dog, snuggled up with Meadow.

Willow is a normal child who thinks she is already a teenager.  Who in the old days we would have said can’t get her nose out of the book and now we say get them off their tablet.  I think I like the idea of their nose being in a book better.

One of the things that Steve really wanted to do was go to Gettysburg.  His Dad is a test driver for Harley Davidson in Arizona and got picked to come to the factory in York to test drive a new motorcycle.  He got to take it for a ride to Gettysburg and had told Steve about it.  So we all went to check it out.

There is so much history here.  I want to go back in the summer and spend more time.

We then went to Mister Ed’s Elephant Museum and Candy Emporium.

Mister Ed’s Elephant Museum – Homemade Fudge, Old Time Candy and Elephants – Gettysburg, PA (mistereds.com)

One of our friends told us we needed to check it out.  Another place to checkout this summer.  This place is really cool.  Inside are all the old candy’s that were around when I was a kid.  There is a whole room of just Pez.

Next we headed into town to check it out.

We had a wonderful first day of exploring with our Mossberg Family.  I am so glad they got to visit.  We have not seen them since the beginning of Covid.  We were in Washington babysitting for them, so Sarah and Steve could go celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary.

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