February Birthdays

Yes I am really running behind on my blogs.  Here it is May and I am still blogging about February.

February is a big birthday month for our family.  My youngest daughter, Sarah, was born on the first of the month starting the birthdays.  Next is my son in law, Dan, on the 13th.  We can’t forget the girls, Kate and Beka, who celebrated their 3rd birthday with us.  Last of all on the 26th is my birthday.

Since the Mossberg’s were here visiting we had a party at Heather and Dan’s to celebrate all the February birthdays.

My little Kate is such a ham.

Kate and Beka love opening presents now and they love to help other people open presents too.  Of course, this family birthday party was mostly for the girls.  Also so we could all enjoy watching them.

Uncle Steve was in charge of pumping up the bouncy pig and dog that the Mossberg’s got them.

The girls continued to open their gifts.

Heather remembers how much fun her and her sister and brothers had with their sit-n-spin, so she had to get one for her girls.

Dad even got to open a gift from Oma and Grandpa.


Next came the birthday cake.

We all had a great time.  It was so nice to have some of our Washington family here to celebrate with us.

My two girls, Heather and Sarah, took me out to dinner and we went to a paint class.  It was great getting to spend my birthday with both of my girls.  It was so much fun to have some Mother, daughter time with them.  Thank you girls for all the fun we did have.

Hopefully, I will be caught up soon.

Thanks for stopping by!

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