The Amish Tour

While my family from Washington was visiting we all went on an Amish tour in Bird in Hand, PA.

Meadow, Sarah’s youngest, the whole time she was here she kept saying she wanted to be an Omelet person.  We all thought it was so cute that no one bothered to correct her.  Then when our Amish tour guide arrived the first thing she says is I want to be an Omelet person.  The poor man just looked at her all confused.  Anyway we did explain.

We then all loaded up in the wagon.  There was 11 of us all together so we got a big wagon.

We rodes through some of the farm land.  Then we stopped at a farm where we explored the barn and the animals.

All the girls really enjoyed the animals.  There were cows, mules, horses and miniature horses.  We were told that they buy the retired race horses.  They did have some beautiful horses that is for sure.

After the tour of the barn we went to buy some fresh baked cookies.  Heather’s girls were more interested in the toy they found in the yard.

After the tour we all went to lunch at an Amish smorgasbord.

My Washington family left for home soon after.  If all goes well we will be driving across country to spend Christmas with them.

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