A Morning at the Park

Heather called me one Sunday morning and asked if I would like to go to the park with the girls.  I told her that there was a nice park by us that had a nice playground.

As Heather, my daughter, pulled up to the park the girls started yelling we want to go to the red one.  We couldn’t get the girls out of the van fast enough.

We played on the red one for a while.

The girls told Mommy she needed to go down the slide too.

Kate really liked the picnic table.

The girls rode the spring horses.

Beka decided to go check out the big kids play area.  While Kate and I followed behind.  We had to stop to take a photo because Kate thought this area was a castle.

Mommy showed the girls how to use some of the things there.

Beka is our little daredevil and had to try everything.

Kate just enjoyed running around watching sister.

Then Beka saw the bigger slide so off we went again.  You had to climb up a rock to get to the top of the slide.  Beka just scooted right up.

Our little Kate was just having trouble but she finally got the hang of it.

She became very good at it after that first time she climbed by herself.

We had to try every swing there.

You can probably tell which girl I was watching by the photos.  It was nice that there was two of us to stay up with them.

After the girls wore out Oma and Mommy we headed home with some very happy little girls.

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