Camping For Easter

This was our maiden voyage with Merida, Winnebago Brave.  Well that is what we have named her.  She is just what we wanted.  Merida is just the right size for David, Harrison and me, 29 feet.

David drove me to rehab so we could head right over to the kids to head out when it was over.  I jumped out and got my rehab over with.  I went back to the motorhome and David informed me we were over heating.  We tried to find an auto parts store but nothing was close.  David opened the hood and we could see the hose that was cracked.  David and I reverted to our Alaska ways.  I told him I have duct tape in the RV and water.  David let it cool down before he could apply the duct tape.  We didn’t have a funnel to get the water into the radiator, so David went into the store to see if they had one.  He came out with a plastic cup.  I had a pitcher we could use to pour the water into from the 5 gallon jug.  We were then off to the kids house.  Dan had David go pick up the hose.  Then Dan replaced it.  Thank goodness that boy loves cranking a wrench.

We finally go off around 4:30pm on Thursday April 1.

We drove 208 miles before we stopped for the night.  About halfway there we started looking for somewhere to eat.  We finally found a Mexican Restaurant.  Once we were all fueled up again we headed Quicksburg, VA.  We arrived at 10 at the Shenandoah Caverns.  They are part of Harvest Host, so we didn’t have to pay to stay in their parking lot for the night.  We did stay here so we could go to the caverns the next morning.

The  second problem was that it got down below freezing and our heater decided to stop working.  Luckily, I had brought extra blankets.  I think it just works when it feels like it.

The next morning we had reservations for the 10 o’clock tour, so after breakfast we headed over to the store.

The girls loved these talking bears.

The entrance to the cave is actually inside the gift shop.

Our tour guide was really good.

You can check them out here:

Shenandoah Caverns | The Perfect Day Trip for the Whole Family

As you can see I love caverns.  I have to blame that on my parents.  We had a family vacation at Carlsbad Caverns and I was hooked.  If there is one around I want to go.  We have several other in our area that I will have to check out.

Anyway back to the story.  After the tour we had lunch and were back on the road at 1.  We were now heading to Shenandoah National Park which was 120 miles away.

I had a Zoom appointment with one of my doctors which I told the family I can do that anywhere so we can head out as planned.  I knew it would work because one time I forgot about an appointment, so I ended up Zooming through Sam’s Club.

So again back to my story.  My appointment was at 2.  I had just started talking to the doctor when Merida started getting hot again.  She is older so I wonder if she is going through the change.  Anyway David has phoned Dan ahead of us and told him we had to pull over.  Dan comes over and the boys are taking the cover off the engine.  This time it was another hose.  Yeah for duct tape once again.  My doctor says where are you?  I tell her in Virginia.  I say we have to move to our bedroom.  By the end of the appointment I have the doctor telling me I wish I was part of your family.  I guess she thinks we are fun.  This was the third problem.

We finally made it to Big Meadow Campground around 6.  It was cold and windy so we ate dinner inside.

Heather decided to let the girls have Easter on Saturday so the girls could enjoy there stuff, instead of rushing them on Sunday.

Grandma is always up early so she helped the Easter Bunny hide eggs.  The girls were so into it this year.

After lunch David was taking a nap in the RV.  Heather and Dan took the girls for a ride to try to get them to take a nap.  I was sitting by the fire, all of the the sudden Bogart, Heather and Dan’s dog, barked and I looked up.  What did I see?

That’s right a small herd of white tail deer strolling down the road as the buck keeps an eye on them in the woods.

This is our pretty little Merida.

After the kids drove the girls around for an hour and they still weren’t asleep they headed back to camp.  The girls then played with the bubbles they got.

Even Mommy got into it.

We ended up eating supper inside again.  We usually eat at Heather and Dan’s trailer because there is more room for all of us.

After dinner we headed back home where we played games until bedtime.

The next morning Heather made pancakes and bacon for everyone.  She cooked outside and we ate at the table.

After breakfast we got ready to head home.  We went to the dump site to empty our RV’s.  Harrison got out as David was trying to get out of the RV, so before we could dump Dan and David had to go out in the woods to catch him. He finally came to Dan.  They came back and that is when David noticed he forgot our steps to get in.  He tells me I didn’t really like them anyway.  We got both vehicles dumped.  We gas up because now our gas gauge says we are empty but David knows we aren’t.  He gets $75 in it before the pump shuts off.  It now 11 and we are finally heading home.

We do want to go back here when we can do some of the hiking trails.  It is well worth a visit.  Check it out here:

Shenandoah National Park (U.S. National Park Service) (

We decided to find a place where we could have a little snack and the girls could play for a while.  Heather was hoping the the girls would take a nap then.  We ended up at Tyson-Pimmit Park in Falls Church, VA.  It was a nice break.

We were following Dan back to York.  We got stuck in traffic going around Washington, D.C. David noticed that our girl was starting to get hot.  Around 4:15 we had to pull over to put water in Merida.  We told the kids to go ahead.  We had to stop again.  We took the cover off the engine and found that the duct tape that Dan had put on the hose had got against something and rubbed or burned a hole through the layers of duct tape.  We had to let Merida slowly cool down and when she was David taped her hose up again.  Filled her with water and started her up.  Once again we have to thank duct tape.  she overheated so bad a couple times that the engine died, but eventually we made it home safe and sound.

Dan, the son in law, replaced the other hose, changed the oil and checked it out.  I was afraid the over heating may have damaged her but we were lucky.

Well it was an exciting trip and glad we made it home safe and sound.  We just need to get the kinks worked out of the motorhome.

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  1. That’s so cool! I have wanted an RV forever, but David doesn’t. 😔 I guess I’ll have to live vicariously through you 🤗

    1. I have camped all my life. We sold our truck and camper in Alaska when we moved. One of my sons bought the RV for us. That was our first trip in it. Should have stayed a little closer the first time. lol

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