Kauffman’s Barefoot Acres

The kids, I mean the grown kids, wanted to go to a mystery dinner date.  It was in Lancaster so we decided to use our Harvest Host and find a place to stay close.  Oma and Grandpa could watch the girls while Mom and Dad had a date night.

We headed to Bird in Hand,  PA where we stayed at Kauffman’s Barefoot Acres.

Beka wasn’t feeling real good.  She was coming down with a cold so she didn’t enjoy it as much as Kate did.

Kate got a tour of the chicken coop.

This is their little girl. \

She likes playing in their yard with the goats.

Beka did manage to check out the animals with the family.

Kate played with the their little girl.  She had so much fun.

Beka was feeling so bad we decided not to stay two nights.

I would love to go back when the different fruits are ready for picking.  It was a great time camping with the family.

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