Buchannan State Forest

David and I decided to go camping over Memorial Day weekend.  I found us a campsite in one of the state forests, Buchannan.  We left at 12:30 thinking we would be there in a couple of hours.  We had put the forest in google maps and headed out.

At 1:30 we hit Maryland and at 3:18 we were in Pennsylvania again.  Thinking we were almost to the campsite we drove all the way through the forest.  NO CAMPSITE!  We had noticed a place by a trailhead that had brochures so we headed back there to get one.

After looking at the brochure we noticed that there are like 5 different places that are part of the forest.  Who would think when you put it in it is going to take you to the farthest away and you need to be at the closest one.

Then from the tiny map I notice there is a name of a road, which I had thought was a creek when I reserved the spot,  I put that into google.  Low and behold it was there and we were 3 hours away.  We finally arrived at 6:30.

It rained every day that we were there but in the mornings it was nice and we went on hikes.

Found some 17 year cicadas.

Harrison got to play in the water.

Harrison also made him a nice place to lay at the campsite.

I said it was rainy when we were there.  We even had to turn the heater on a couple times.  Harrison runs to my seat when the heater fan comes on.

My poor little man.

It was still a good trip.  We hiked in the morning then it would start to rain, so our afternoons were full of books, games and naps.  In the evening if it was raining I would cook inside and outside if not raining.  This was such a relaxing trip.  There was no service which was really nice.  We were camping on the side of a road but there weren’t even a dozen cars all weekend.

To my boondocking friends this is a good place to stay with plenty of trails to hike.  We will be going back and camp in a different area.  You just need to get a permit, which is free, not that anyone ever checked it.

Harrison does love his camping.


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