Mister Ed’s Elephant Museum & Candy Emporium

Our friend, Christina, had told us about Mister Ed’s Elephant Museum & Candy Emporium located on the other side of Gettysburg from our home in York, PA.

Mister Ed’s Elephant Museum – Homemade Fudge, Old Time Candy and Elephants – Gettysburg, PA (mistereds.com)

When our daughter, Sarah, and her family visited in February we stopped by when we were out checking out Gettysburg.  We didn’t get to check out everything outside because of the snow but the store was worth the visit.

Christina tells me she read that they had opened up a shed that is full of teapots and she would like to go check it out.  She then proceeds to tell me that she has never taken her daughter, Maria.  I told we needed to go then.

Off we go on a beautiful summer day.

Maria was so excited about getting to visit.

I just thought these were cute the way they made the face on the trees.

After we got Maria out of the peanut we headed toward the store so we could follow the path.  Maria had other ideas.

Maria gave me quite a few photo ops.

We could hear the bull frogs in the pond.  We checked it out and there were tons of them.

Next stop is the teapot shed, which actually looks like one.


The handle was on the other side but I just couldn’t get it all in the photo because trees kept getting in my way.

I thought these bowling balls were fun.  I do need some for my flower beds.

There is this big elephant at the Y where their property starts.  As we walked out to it Christina told me that this area had been all wooded but there had been a fire a while back.  They lost their woods but have planted new trees.

Maria did decide to hang with Big Foot for a while.  I tell you he sure gets around.

Here is the big elephant.  Oh yea, Maria is under it. Imagine that.  She is such a cute, little ham.

There were flip flops hanging from the trees.  I had never seen anything like that but being a big fan of flip flops I appreciated it.

Of course, in Scotland there is Clootie Wells where you dip a piece of cloth in the holy well. It is then hung from a tree in hope of having an illness cured. Or in the highlands there are trees full of socks that had to do with the same idea.

Maria had to stop to give a deer a hug.

Then there was more Maria photo ops.

We continued wandering around and finding cool things.

Then we came across the Peanut Roastery.  There was an older gentlemen sitting outside in the shade. He was the roaster.  He told me they still use an old roaster and gave us nice warm peanuts.

I guess this truck was used at one time for driving down the road.  Now it is used as part of the store.  It is full of Pez!

Don’t forget to go inside and check out the elephant museum.  Of course, all the candy too.  They have some I have not seen since I was a kid.

I am sad to say that Mr Ed left this candy store for the one in heaven on February 26, 2021.  Don’t worry though, his family is going to keep the place going.

If you are in the area this well worth a visit.

Thanks for stopping by!


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