Dutch Wonderland

We had been told that we should take Beka and Kate to Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster, PA.  It is only 30 miles from our house but we decided to stay at a Harvest Host on a farm.

Christina and Maria went with us too.  It was tons of fun!

The girls got to drive the old cars.

The girls loved playing in the sand and digging for dinosaur bones.

Then we took a walk through dinosaur land.

Look what we found hatching out of one of the eggs.

Then all the girls road the dozers.

Kate decided not to go on the ride this time but Maria and Beka moved some dirt.

Then we moved on to the Panda ride.


Then we got on their favorite ride, The Ribbit, as the girls call it.

To think that in September when we were in Disney World Beka wouldn’t ride any rides that went up high.  She would just say, “No, high!”  Now she loves them.  They change so much in such a short time.

We headed to the other end of the park the easy way.

Then we went on a boat ride to look for animals.  The girls got into boat rides in Disney World and still are.

We rode the train around the park after the boat ride.

The girls then decided to fly off to space.

The girls went on the engine that you got going by pedaling with your arms.  Kate would do it for a few minutes and then just sat back to let Mommy push her.  Beka on the other hand was pedaling fast.

Maria was over playing in water park while the girls went on more rides.

The girls love the turtle ride.

Then the girls got to drive an 4X4.

One last ride on the Ribbit and the Panda before the park closed.

Hope you enjoyed our trip to Dutch Wonderland as we did.

Thanks for stopping by!

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