Pine Grove Furnace State Park

We took Maria camping for a few days at Pine Grove Furnace State Park.  After missing our turn and going way out of our way we got turned around and found the entrance.  We found our spot and set up camp.

Sure is easy to set up camp when you aren’t having to set up a tent and everything else.  We pull out our chairs, firewood and put Harrison’s run up and we are ready for fun.

The first night we decided to go look for the lake.  Maria decided she would be prepared.

We didn’t find a lake in the campground so headed back to the motorhome.

Found some cool mushrooms though.

We did find a chipmunk hanging out with us at the camp.

The next morning David took Harrison on a walk.  He planned on talking to the camp host to figure out how to get to the lake.  We were hoping we could walk because we just didn’t want to have to take the motorhome.  We did promise Maria that we would get her to the lake to swim some way.  Of course, I wanted to swim too.  David talked to the ranger and she told him how to get there.  It was only a mile walk through the woods.

It was a pleasant walk. Then we walked out of the woods into another park for day use.  Lo and behold we found a lake.

Maria and I had a lot of fun playing and swimming in the lake.  You can’t miss me with my orange swimsuit.

Harrison and David sat up at a picnic table to watch us.  It was really starting to cloud up and Oma was getting tired so we headed back.

We did see some deer on our way back to the camp.

We had a little monkey at our camp.

We had a bee visit us at dinner.

Maria decided Grandpa’s hat was pretty cool.

Harrison thought he better checkout Grandpa’s hat too.

The next morning we packed up to head home.

We stopped at thspillway on our way out.

A great time was had by all.  We really enjoyed having Maria with us.  I am sure we will be taking her again.

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