Samantha Fish at Bluefield Blues Festival

Early summer David and I bought tickets to the Bluefield Blues Festival to see Samatha Fish.  It was over a 7 hour drive but David and I love to go on road trips.

On the way we stopped to gas up and grab some lunch.  Then we continued on laughing, talking and singing all the way to our hotel in Bluefield, WV.

Bluefield is a small town in the Appalachian Mountains.  It is a coal mining town.  You still see the coal cars loaded with coal at the railyard. They helped support the Industrial Revolution in the United States. The development of the coal industry in this area created a boom in the local and national economy, and attracted immigrant European workers and enslaved/ migrant African Americans from the Deep South to the mountains in search of industrial work. During the Great War and World War II, coal from this area supplied the navies of the United States and United Kingdom.

After checking into the hotel we headed Downtown where the concert is going to be on Saturday.  They were closing off a street to set up for concert.  We walked around the small town center to look around at some of the history.

D Generator backup for city.

The next morning after breakfast we headed back downtown for the festival.  We wanted to get our chairs set up in a good spot.

2021 Bluefield Bluesfest

It was September 11th so before the festival started there was a memorial.

We enjoyed the 5 bands that played during the day before Samantha Fish.

Samatha Fish was running late because she had opened for ZZ Top the night before in Minnesota and on the trip back they ended up stranded in Washington, D.C.  They had to rent a van and drive the 5 hours to Bluefield, WV. They made it and the stage started getting set up.

Then it was time for what we were all waiting for, Samatha Fish walking onto the stage and start to perform.

Even after everything it took for Samantha and her band to get there, she still came back out for an encore.






Samantha’s new album “Faster” came out the night before.  It was great to get to hear songs from it here.  They put on a great show and it was well worth the wait.

After a day and night of great music, good beer, and great food we went back to our hotel.  The next morning we ate breakfast and headed home.  We had tons of new music we bought that we listened to on the way home.

This was a great weekend.

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