We went into Today’s Harvest to get some coffee and fresh donuts. The people are very friendly. The store is adorable

We left New Paris at 8:37 a.m. this morning. It was 18 degrees.

David wanted to see how much gas the generator used during the night. He stopped to fill up. He figures it uses about a gallon an hour. Gas is still getting cheaper, $2.99.

Crossed into Illinois at 10:37. It has warmed up to 19 degrees.

The rear heater isn’t keeping the front warm. Alaskan know how to layer though. Lit the burners on stove to warm it up a little. It is helping.

At 2:35 we crossed the Mississippi River into Iowa.

Up to 28 degrees now.

We decided to boondocks in a rest area. We had to stop a little early because it was the last one. So at 3:45 we pulled in outside of Cedar Rapids, Iowa for the night. We figured we only drove a half hour less and 31 miles less.

David decided to set the cruise control at 65 instead of 70. It seemed a lot nicer ride and David was more relaxed. We are hoping it will help on the gas mileage. We will find out in the morning when we fill up.

We have been in six states so far.

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