Awnings, Mount Rushmore, Snow, 9 States and Sagebluff RV Park

We woke up at 6 to 34 degrees. It was a very comfortable night.

After David walked Harrison. We headed out as the sun was coming up at 7:18.

Harrison decided that he should ride in my foot well.

I thought I would let him because we were stopping for gas soon. Instead he decided to drive so it was either that or this.

He stayed for awhile then when back to settle in for the ride.

Gas was higher today at $3.29.

Every river we drive over David asks if maybe this is the Missouri River. Well today at 8:09 he got his wish.

At 9:15 we heard this horrible sound.  David figured it was the awning.  He found a place to stop. When he got out he could tell he was right. We decided he should try duct tape. When he got up there he could see there was no way to wrap it around the awning.  He tried just taping. That lasted about 15 minutes.  Then we had to pull over on the side of the highway. I remember I have industrial velcro. David climbs up on the roof again with the wind howling only to find it won’t stick to it. He ends up using Harrison’s run cable. While I was helping him I noticed the back arm at the top was loose. Out came the duct tape again to fix it.  Back on the road by 10:15.

David has dropped his speed to 60 due to wind and the awning.

I look at the time on my phone and it says 9:30. Now I think I’m going crazy which doesn’t take much. I check online to find out if there are 2 time zones in SD, which there are. Not crazy after all. Then look up as David reads the sign saying now entering Mountain Standard Time.

I know why they call it Mount Rushmore now. We arrived at 12:13pm. I made lunch while David went to restroom and checked things out; like can Harrison come. He got back told me no Harrison. It stated to snow a little harder. David took Harrison for a walk. I went to see presidents.

I guess I should have taken a photo without me but I did with my camera.

The RV park we are staying at had WiFi so I managed to get the photos from the camera uploaded.

I started walking back as fast as I could because it was starting to snow harder. As I walked up to the motorhome I decided to take a photo of the awning so you can see what David was deal with while fighting the wind.

We decided to head south and try to outrun the snow. I was now 12:44pm. We were rushed at Mount Rushmore. Now I sound like my husband.

Hopefully we will stay ahead of the snow.

We saw some big horn sheep down in a gully.

Drove into Wyoming at 1:49 our 9th state. It started to snow again and we didn’t think we could out run it so started looking for a stopping spot. There were no Harvest Host so I looked for RV parks. I found one in Wright, WY. The Sagebluff RV Park was just a few miles away.

David saw a gas station and decided to gas up first. Gas was $3.09 here. By the time he was done it was snowing harder.

Luckily, we didn’t have far to go. When David pulled out he checked the road and it was starting to get slick. Good thing David is an old Alaskan school bus driver. We pulled into the RV Park and David went into the office to pay. Our most expensive placed we stayed at $40. Of course, we got electric and wifi. He comes out and tells me that he was told it was supposed to snow 4 to 6 inches. Well we are all hunkered down for the night.

We drove 384.4 miles today. Well I guess we will see what tomorrow brings.

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I am a freelance travel writer and photographer. I love to travel with my loving husband. I like to see how the locals live better than going on tours. I love reading and will be reviewing books for everyone.

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    1. We went past Wall on our way here. We say mile of Wall Drug signs. We were surprised the town was so small and we couldn’t figure out with building was Wall Drug as we drove by

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