Heading Home

I am finally back after a long break.  I will fill you in on what has been happening here but I think we need to get back from our trip across country first.

After spending Christmas with our Washington family and getting snowed in once again we finally are heading home.  Our son, Cade, and his daughter, Brodie, are moving to York to be closer to us.

We left trying to outrun the snow.

I found us a really cool place to camp with Harvest Host.  We stayed in Amboy, CA.

We arrived just before dark so we didn’t get to do a lot of exploring until morning.

There is an actually extinct volcano crater across the highway.

Amboy is on Route 66 so there was photo ops.

We sent Brodie to school.

Then we did our exploring.

If you want to learn more about Amboy you can here.

Amboy, California – Wikipedia

It was now time to head to our next stop, Ajo, AZ, where we will stay with a very, good friend, Kat.

We hung out at Amboy a little longer than planned so it was after dark before we got to Kat and Silas’ house.

The next day Kat took us exploring.  David and I have been there a few times but Cade and Brodie haven’t.  Which is kind of funny because Cade is the one that introduced us.

Ajo is a very arty little town.  Our friend, Kat, is an artist.  She was put in charge of getting the murals painted in town.

The kids are building something in the backyard.

Sent Brodie to school again.

Just catching the sunset.

Learn more about this quaint, little town.

Ajo, Arizona – Wikipedia

After several days of visit we had to say goodbye as we continue on our trip home.  We are going a little out of our way but we need to go to south TX to visit my parents.

We made it to San Antonio where we had to take Brodie down the Riverwalk.

Home | San Antonio River Walk (thesanantonioriverwalk.com)

We ate lunch at the Buckhorn Saloon and then went through the museum.

Back to the Riverwalk for some photos.

We went to Victoria to visit my parents.  Then to Houston to visit Roy.  We didn’t get to see Dina, my sister, and her family because they all had Covid.

We were finally on our way home thinking it was going to be an easy trip.  NOT!!

We were almost to South Carolina and we were trying to outrun the snow.  We stayed at a rest area and the next morning we were waiting to see if we could move on.  We got on the highway and made it to the next exit with gas.  It started snowing so bad they told us we could stay parked in the lot.  Cade went back to the store later and they had closed down because electric was out.  We finally got on the road again.

We are finally home and I kept track of the whole trip on my cast which came off a day after we got home.

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  1. I haven’t caught up with y’all in a while! You’ve been busy! How did you break your arm? That’s the pic I saw in the reader that made me stop and read your post.

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