I do really enjoy our new home in York.  There is so much history here.  Going downtown is always fun to look at the old buildings and see what is new.

I bet most people don’t realize that York was the first capitol of the United States.  If you would like to learn more about York check this out.

History – City of York, Pennsylvania (yorkcity.org)

Anyway, back to my story.  We went to look around with our son, Cade, and granddaughter, Brodie.  We checked out some to the old buildings.

Did you know that the first National Thanksgiving was in York?  It told us so on this sign.

I had no idea until I saw this.

We found some other plaques we checked out.

Just some other things we saw downtown.

Brodie was hauling water from the well.

All the drains downtown have artwork on them.  I think this is so cool.

We were looking at all the Cherry Blossoms.  Then when I told the family to get under the tree Cade shook it.  This is what happened next.

A grandmother was walking by with her grandchildren.  They thought it looked fun so they joined in.  We had a great day just wandering around.

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