New Dress

I am in need of a dress to where to the Vatican.  I figure I should look nice because David will be in his concert chorus outfit.  My friend, Judy, is taking me shopping today for a dress.  We don’t have tons of places to go but I hope to find something that doesn’t make me look to big.

This reminds me of when my friend, June, took me shopping for clothes to where when I went to Buckingham Palace with my late husband who was being honored along with other veterans.  It was part of the Not Forgotten which was started by an American long ago.  Boy was I a sight with my big hat.

Midnight Sun Brewery

The Ole Hippies went on their first outing to Midnight Sun Brewery.  They enjoyed the tour that is every Thursday at 6.  They did not stay for supper but the food here is great and so is the beer.  The ole hippies got married at the brewery after hours and they made a beer for them that they called True Love.  They recommend when in Anchorage you must visit.

Potter Marsh


The chance to see a moose wading in the marsh, a muskrat swimming by or poking his head from the water or even the spawning of chinook, coho, or humpback salmon in Rabbit Creek: This is what you can see along the 1,550-foot wooden boardwalk that offers a panoramic view of Turnagain Arm, a waterway into the northwestern part of the Gulf of Alaska.  Binoculars come in handy to search the cottonwoods near the bluff for an eagle’s nest. The marsh makes a good place for birds to come to nest in early spring.  As you stroll over watery openings and sedges, look for newly hatched young.

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Girdwood Brewery

I went to do an interview for an article here Sunday.  I met some very nice men, Rory and Brett Marenco who happen to be twins and Josh Hegna who is the social drinking advocate.  They have only been open for a barely over a year.  It is located in one of the most popular places to ski around Anchorage, Alaska. Their story is a good tale and I am excited about getting started on the article.


Thinking About Our Trip

This Saturday I will be going to David’s last concert with the Anchorage Concert Chorus before we go on our tour of Italy with them.  I am really looking forward to the trip.  I have been thinking of what to take.  I know I will have to go buy a few things.  David got his concert attire, so I just need mine.  I can’t believe they will be singing High Mass at the Vatican.