Green Short Shorts

There has been quite the discussion about David’s green short shorts.  I don’t think he should wear them because he has such long, skinny, white legs.  He doesn’t see a problem with them.  I do have to say that he put them on before he got into bed and I was already in bed.  He brought me the camera and as he is standing in front of our mirrored doors on our closet I am getting ready to take the picture.  He says, “Honey, you know when you take this picture you will be in the background naked.”  “Oh, shit!” I said as I looked in the mirror and see my nakedness.  I made him move then because I didn’t want to scare everyone. Some friends said we should have a vote.  I am going to post two photos with him in his shorts and I want all of you to vote yes or no.  Then we can see if he gets to take them.  You have to do this fast because the suitcases are closing tomorrow.

Thanks for the help!



Smoking and Trucking

I don’t know how many of you have kids out there but I have five, 3 boys and 2 girls.  They age from 44 to 35 this year.  You know we all love our kids no matter what stupid things they do.  Of course, I have to remember the dumb things I did when I was young and survived.  The boys as they grew older slowly got their head out of there; oh what would you call it, Oh yea ASS!  Anyway so my youngest finally got his head out and just got out 6 months of rehab.  We are all very proud of him for this.  So he has decided that he should not drive until he gets his license back.  I guess he decided seven years without was probably enough because those driving without a license fines and jail time was not fun.  So we were helping him get a truck today so he can get his interlock in it and then he can get his license.  Anyway he finds a $800 truck he wants. We take him over to look at it and he buys it.  I am thinking great we can get everything done before we leave on Monday.   I call about getting the interlock put in and am told that because it is almost closing time and a holiday weekend they won’t be open again until Tuesday. Then we found out that he has to take the driving part again in his truck with the interlock in because it has been so long. Which means he is going to have to fix the passenger seat because the back of it is in the back seat.  The truck needed an alternator, so we took him to pick that up.  We go back to the truck and he puts it in.  We jump it and of course, it is empty.  Off to the gas station with David, my husband, driving and me following.  We gas up and get onto Diamond, a main street in Anchorage, Alaska, at rush hour.  What happens then you ask?  It dies at a stop light.  I have to pull up next to them, so they can try to jump it. I now have blocked the turn lane and have now pissed off tons of people because  they can’t get a round us. So the guys decide we will pull it with out Subaru Outback.  All we have is some nylon rope that they have doubled and got us tied together.  As we start off the rope breaks.  They fix it and we get pulled into the nearest parking lot.  After tightening up connections and charging the battery the guys get it running.  We are off again home.  Oh yea, I forgot to mention that the guy that had the truck had a ton too much oil in it, so it is smoking to high heaven.  So we have smoke going everywhere and then this guy in a convertible goes zooming past us.  I am thinking I bet you are trying to get out of the smoke.  I remember driving down some Interstate one time and saw signs that said don’t drive into the smoke.  I could never figure out what that sign meant but now I am wondering if it has something to do with this.  Anyway, the truck is home.  My son then says I think things are starting to go my way!



Chicken with Their Head Chopped Off

My wings are flapping and I am running around without a head.  It is getting down to the nitty-gritty.  I looked at my email and had an email for the Church Palace where we are staying while in Rome.  It said your credit card would not let us run 100 euros on it.  In other words your were declined you dummy.  Great way to start a good relationship with the people.  I was planning on writing and article about the hotel.  We are going to be there a night before everyone else and I am supposed to get a private tour of the place for an article.  Hope they still do it.  Of course, by the time I got the email they were closed.  I sent them the info for a card and luckily, they are open tomorrow.  I booked it back in November, so no telling if I even have the card still.  I thought they had taken it out then.  Oh well, no use to panic it will all work out in the end.



First Story

My story about Potter Marsh is going to be published next month on  I am excited to see it in actual print or I guess I would say digital.  This is a start to my new career and life.  Now if I can start making enough money that David can stop driving school bus it would be great.  Talking about that if you are interested in buy any of our photos you can find them here:

Well this afternoon I will start gathering things for David’s suitcase and hiding his green short shorts.  I will let him have a choice in some things, like I looked at his swim trunks.  I picked through all 4 and narrowed it down for him to 2 that he wouldn’t look like a nerd. So he does have choices.

Five Days to Go!




I got the suitcases out about a week ago, so today I started.  It isn’t like I normal pack because I need nice clothes for going into the churches that the Anchorage Concert Chorus will be singing in.

Anyway I was washing clothes and putting the ones I was taking in the suitcase.  I think I have got mine done now.  I will just have to add a few last minute things.  I will have to help my husband pack because you know how men are.  He has these short green shorts that look so funny on him with his long, white legs hanging out.  I have to make sure he doesn’t take those.  He has a few other pieces of clothing that I have to make sure doesn’t sneak into his suitcase.

I got us checked into our flights on Easy Jet to London and Scotland.  Printed off our boarding passes, hotel reservations, car rentals, and apartment reservation in Iceland.  The count down is starting now.

Six Days And Counting

New Dress

I am in need of a dress to where to the Vatican.  I figure I should look nice because David will be in his concert chorus outfit.  My friend, Judy, is taking me shopping today for a dress.  We don’t have tons of places to go but I hope to find something that doesn’t make me look to big.

This reminds me of when my friend, June, took me shopping for clothes to where when I went to Buckingham Palace with my late husband who was being honored along with other veterans.  It was part of the Not Forgotten which was started by an American long ago.  Boy was I a sight with my big hat.

Midnight Sun Brewery

The Ole Hippies went on their first outing to Midnight Sun Brewery.  They enjoyed the tour that is every Thursday at 6.  They did not stay for supper but the food here is great and so is the beer.  The ole hippies got married at the brewery after hours and they made a beer for them that they called True Love.  They recommend when in Anchorage you must visit.