Home and Concert

Our last day with our kids before we head into Seattle to visit David’s best friend before we head back to York.

Sarah and Steve made it home around 11am.

They made it 13 days without killing each other. Sarah was a little afraid because she said that this is the longest the two of them have ever been alone. I think from the smiles on their faces it was ok.

They were happy to be home.

They met the kids at the bus stop with candy Lei’s. Then home to give them their gifts.

What goofy granddaughters we have.

Willow and Meadow had a concert with the middle school that night and wanted to go dressed like this. Mom had to tell them no.

We all went to their last concert of the year. There were 3 local elementary schools who went to the middle school to sing with their choir.

We stopped at Subway on the way home for dinner. It was a great night and we really loved the kids concert.

Thanks for stopping by!

Day 7 Leaving Iceland

I got most everything packed yesterday, but we needed to check the weight again.  We did a little moving around and got all three bags under 23 kilograms.  We are probably up to 60 pounds of beer now.

We cleaned up everything at the apartment and left for the airport.  On the way we stopped for gas and I took a couple of photos of our dirty car.  It is a little bit cleaner than it was at one point.  Might have been the trip through the river.  Did I  say that?  We didn’t drive through any water with the rental car.


We then went to turn in our car at Sixt.  They were the really busy again but could be because they are the cheapest place to rent a car.  So if you want a cheap rental be prepared to wait a couple hours. Our car was the dirtiest one that was turned in. I guess the people didn’t have as much fun as us.


Now time to catch the shuttle to the airport.  There was some interesting art outside the airport.

When we went to check in I told them that we had paid for a bag in London and they told us that it was paid all the way through.  She wanted to see my receipt which luckily I had on my email.  Glad I don’t get rid of that stuff until the trip is all over.  We loaded our luggage on the weighing belt and we had 1.4 kilos to spare.  Yeah! We passed the weight allowed.

Then off through security where I managed to set the bells off as normal.  After getting patted down and having the wand run over my body, to bad it wasn’t a guy doing the patting down, I was let through.

We picked up some licorice in the duty free.  I was going to get some whiskey made in Iceland and smoked in sheep dung but thought $89 was a little much.

We found a place to sit and had a sandwich I had packed.  Now we are waiting to see what gate we go to.  Then we will be off to Anchorage and our own bed for the night.




Leaving Italy

We all got back to our hotel.  We decided to not to catch the bus with the rest of the group due to the fact they were leaving at 5:30am.  We were told that it would be cheap to get to the airport.  All we had to do was take a taxi for about 5 euros to the train station  close to the hotel where we could catch a bus  to the airport for 10 euros.  We thought that was great, so we stayed and left when it was closer to our time to get to the airport.  The hotel called us a taxi which arrived in no time.  I told the driver to go to the train station to catch the bus to the airport.  He asked me what airport and I replied Malpensa.  At this time I realized he could not speak English very well.  He loaded the suitcases in the car and off we went.  David and I started  thinking well this was a little longer than where we should be going.  Then we started to see signs for the airport and started thinking this was not right.  We said something the taxi driver who then stopped in the lane to talk to us.  Due to the language barrier he was taking us to the airport.  He then told us that it would be 95 euros to take us to the airport.  David said that’s too much.  The taxi driver then said it would cost 25 euros to go back to the bus station, but he would take us to the airport for 80 euros.  Not sure if he did it on purpose or not.  We decided to just go with the 80 euro deal.  I asked if he would take card and he said yes, because we just had enough cash to pay for the other trip plan.  We then handed him a card for our Credit Union 1 which was declined.  After trying our other 3 cards for that account, all declined,  we found that luckily, there was money in our Wells Fargo account, so we did finally pay him.  I had contacted our banks and told them where we were traveling.  I contacted the Credit Union 1 and was informed that there was no declines on the cards.  I guess that bank was not big enough to work on his machine or they just got lost in the cloud somewhere. So we made our Easy Jet flight and headed off for London


Well we made it to Rome and to The Church Palace.  When they got there they told us that we did not have to move tomorrow when the rest of the chorus got here.  They were giving us a free upgrade.  I wonder if it is because I told them I wanted to write an article about them.  We are getting shown around tomorrow.


We didn’t have too much trouble.  The plane was a little late leaving Iceland but we had plenty of time at Heathrow, so that was fine.  We did have to go through immigration there and then check in and get rid of our luggage with Alitalia Airlines.  Then we had to go through security again.  I set off all the bells and whistles with my new knees and the metal in my back.  After being scanned and patted down I was let through.  Then I notice my backpack on the inspection side.  I am told I have a flask with fluid in it.  I totally forgot I had David’s water bottle.  They just let us drink the water real fast and then I was let go.  It was bringing back memories from when I got deported from England.

We still had plenty of time so we went to have a sit down meal.  We decided on fish and chips along with a local beer.  One thing I didn’t miss from there was mushy peas. David commented that they were a pretty color.  They were included with the meal.  I did not eat them.

We then walked around to stretch our legs.  I had to keep pulling up my shorts, so they wouldn’t fall off.  Our gate finally came up, so we headed there.  The plane was already a little late but when we got on we were delayed about a half hour before we could leave.  Still no big deal because we just took a nap. The only thing I was worried about was that the hotel had sent a car for us and we were late.  David said they keep track of this stuff, so they will know.  I have to say he was right because they were waiting on us.  I hate having to tell him he was right.

Well anyway we made it.  We have washed all the grime of the day off and are heading to bed now.