U District on the Av

John Lee was off on Thursday so we headed to the University District in Seattle on the Avenue.

Last time we visited John and Nancy he took us to an Indian Buffett. Chili’s South Indian Cuisine has one of the best Indian buffets I have ever been too. The price is great too, $14 after tax. You can check them out here.


Of course, I didn’t bring my camera like an idiot so no photos. Well I guess I could of taken them with my phone but I was to busy feeding my face.

When I waddled out of Chili’s we headed to Bulldog News. John Lee was looking for a magazine. Bulldog News is one of the few news stands left around.


There is a baker that does have gluten free goodies. You have to get a coffee from Nathaniel who is the longest serving barista in the country. He makes great coffee too!


Another one of John’s favorite places in Tea Republik. This guy makes some of the best blends and more different teas than I have ever seen.


After John’s nap at Tea Republik we headed home.

We had a great time wondering around the Av in the U district. John always find the best hole in the wall places. We keep telling him he needs to start being a tour guide for foodies.

Well thanks for stopping by!


We took the bus to the city center to meet up with our local guides.  Padua was one of the locales in Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew.  There is a 13th century university and what is thought to be the oldest Italian clock. It dates back to 1344 and is in the tower at Palazzo del Capitano. Padua’s patron saint is Saint Anthony the patron saint of lost things.  We also went on a tour of St Anthony church where I couldn’t take photos.  I did get to touch where he is was put in the alter.  I also tried their famous coffee.