“Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge”

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We boarded our bus and headed for Pordenone where the Anchorage Concert Chorus was going to have a concert in Duomo Concattedrale di San Marco.

We had some free time and we just sat and had a drink with friends.

The Coro ANA Fruili-Montecavallo sang too.  They were fantastic and just a wonderful group of men.  The choir Montecavallo consists of two dozen Alpine manly voices young and old. It is born in the spirit of the Statute of the Anas with the aim of keeping alive the traditions of mountain folklore and cante degli Alpini, veneto and Friuli. It was directed by the Foundation until January 2008 by Maestro Alessandro Pisano. In addition to regular concerts, the performances are also addressed to educational interventions in primary and secondary schools, both concert works, both with training interventions. In recent years attempts to maintain active relationships with popular songs from all regions of Italy, triggering musical growth projects with the cooperation of other choral groups.

We were all tired after our long day, even our tour guide fell asleep on the bus.